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pet owner mailing lists  Pet Owner Mailing Lists

Finding your ideal customer in the hundreds of pet owner mailing lists available on the market can be a complex project in itself. Some products may be fairly straightforward; for example, a $2.99 novelty cat toy may appeal to a broad range of cat owners. Higher end items like an "invisible fence" electronic monitoring systems may only be in reach of people in higher income ranges and who have backyards. A good place to start is to make your own list of demographics from the millions of people available on pet owner mailing lists so that you can narrow your search down to a very specific type of person.

This step is becoming more crucial every year as the number of pet owners continues to increase. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association's (APPMA) 2005-2006 National Pet Owners Survey found that 69 million American households (63% of all households) have a pet, up from 64 million in 2002. Cats and dogs lead the way in terms of number of households, with approximately 90 million cats and 73 million dogs owned. Of these, about 80% of dog owners buy their "best friends" presents for birthdays and other special occasions, while 63% of cat owners do the same. According to the report, the average person in charge of taking care of the family pet is a 46-year old woman.

It is not surprising to find that almost all the people you'll find on pet owner mailing lists cited companionship and love as the biggest reasons for owning a pet. Most believe their pet to be "part of the family" and a growing percentage of households take their pets with them when traveling.

This has led to an expanding industry. The pet health insurance market is growing as are homeopathic remedies. People are also paying more attention to their pet's diet, with high-nutrition food choices on the rise and table scraps on the decline. Owners are responding to a growing number of options after the loss of a pet are expanding including creating a diamond from the pet's remains. The amount spent on treats and toys, dental care, and leisure activities is also increasing.


It's clear that it takes some research to find out who your target market is and how best to present your offer to them. But equally important is how to find them, and that's where the list brokers at AllMedia Inc. come in. Since 1981 we have helped thousands of clients reach their market through pet owner mailing lists and any other niche market lists. Not only do we ensure that your mailing lists come from reliable sources that are regularly updated, but we also help match the demographics of your ideal customer to existing, real customers who are ready to purchase your product.

In a very real way, we help you create your own customized pet owner mailing lists, reducing your package and mailing costs while increasing your response rate. And as any direct marketer will tell you, reducing costs and increasing response is a sure-fire way to improve your success!

Contact the list brokers at AllMedia Inc. right now to find out more about our list brokerage and research services. With a little help from AllMedia, you can compile your own pet owner mailing lists that improve your results.

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