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  Mailing Lists by Zip Codes

Finding mailing lists by zip code is one of the basic methods for targeting customers in direct mail campaigns. Geographic location can define who we are in a lot of ways. Think of National Geographic's monthly feature ZipUSA or even the TV show "Beverly Hills 90210". Although you will find a wide cross-section of people in almost every zip code, the similarities can often help you find your target market.

For example, some zip codes in downtown New York have extremely low car ownership - everyone can easily walk or take a cab to work and few can afford the monthly parking fees. Your "Wherever-Grip Car Cup Holders" probably won't get a high response in this area. There are mailing lists by zip code available that describe characteristics about every zip code like the average number of car owners, homeowners, renters, number of schools, average income, and other demographic analysis. This information can help you determine whether your offer will resonate with people in any particular zip code.


Getting mailing lists by zip code is also very useful for retail shops and restaurants who want to get the word out about their business to consumers within their area. And for nationwide campaigns, it can help you locate your customers by finding zip codes for downtown areas of major cities to target the urban market, or finding zip codes with higher-than-average income to target the more affluent market.

But AllMedia can break down your mailing lists by zip codes, and then break them down even further, looking at literally hundreds of different selects to narrow your list of prospects or "best bets". This is important because the closer you determine who your market is, the better response you'll get to your offer, the less time and money you'll waste following dead-end leads, and ultimately the more profit you'll make.


We get to know you and your campaign before we look for your lists so we know exactly what your product is, and what your likely market will be. Then we go to only the most reliable list sources and find mailing lists by zip codes or any other variables to find the right market for your product. With AllMedia, you are not just working with a list broker, you're working with a direct marketing partner. Contact us today and find out what this partner can do for you!

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